Website Research Findings

From the research that i made on other websites that offer similar charititable contrabutions as mine, i found many conventions that i should use in my own.
From all of the websites i researched there were several common factors, these were; the logo being placed in the top left of the web page, from the maajority of the websites I found that the navigation bars were placed n th top or the left handside or both. this encouraged me to have the same thing for mine becausse they proved to be an easy way to navigate a website.
Furthermore a simple colour scheme is a way to make or break an audience's intrest. on "" the colour scheme was not very appealing and even though it was simple it also made it hard to read the title. This made me make sure that i had a simple but effective colour scheme.
The majority of the websites i researched followed very simple conventions to make their sites easy to navigate an appealing. However "" had a unique navigation function with posed as a difficult to use and uninformative.

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